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art shows 2019
The Butterfly Farm
3 Pears
Savery Beach
Magda - Oil 11.5 x 15.5
Winter Holiday 3
Susan Rod - Peony #1
Susan Rod - Card Players
San Miguel de Allende
Susan Rod - Portrait of a Lady
Bee oil 4 by 4

Sometimes I think my paintings are as much about me as they are about what I am painting. When I am working on a painting, I focus completely on it to the point where I am in a different time zone. It's a wonderful place to be and is one reason why I like the process just as much as the finished painting.


Regardless of how much I plan my paintings, I'm never quite sure how they will turn out.

The result can be surprising. I not only paint because I enjoy it, but because I have an inner drive that keeps me going.

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